February 19, 2020

Pedestrian Accident Attorney: 7 Steps to consider before choosing one

Pedestrian Accident Attorney: 7 Steps to consider before choosing one

Pedestrian Accident Attorney: 7 Steps to consider before choosing one

Exercise is very much important for a human. In order to get a healthy body, he should do some kind of exercise along with eating the diet, which should contain very good food such as vegetables, fruits and etc. When it comes to exercise, people in developed cities choose the gym over other options. Some people also do yoga. But, most of the people go to the gym in order to spend a few hours there in order to keep themselves in the best shape.

Some people prefer traditional jogging. Walking up very early in the morning and jogging to a distant place and coming back from there sums up their morning exercise routine. Jogging, walking, running- such activities help a lot in maintaining a healthy body.

Let me tell you a story. The story is all about a person called Brendan. He is a guy from Miami and loves exercises. He happened to meet with an accident and later he claimed compensation. The story is not too big and descriptive nor it is too small.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney: 7 Steps to consider before choosing one

If you want to skip the story, you can and you are welcome. If you want to read the whole story, then continue. But, from the real-life story, you will get to learn a very important message. Of insurance and compensation. Of pedestrian accident attorney and life. And many more.

As I have told earlier Brendan loves morning walk. He goes for a morning walk every day without fail. So, he is indeed sound. A well-built man with 6 feet height, faired in complexion and very good behavior- with all these qualities that he has at his disposal, he can win anyone’s heart.

So, one day, as the morning chore happens, he goes for a walk. And, on the way, while walking, he met with an accident. You may simply question how can he met with an accident if he walks on the pedestal.

The answer is simple. He was walking and a biker was coming from the other end. Obviously, the biker is at fault, as he was in the wrong way. He hit the pedestrian and now the pedestrian got injured. To be exact, the bike hit him so hard that his one hand broke at the place only

Now, he is taken to a hospital. The doctor is giving him treatment. He wants compensation as his hand was got broken and it was not his fault.

So, he contacts a pedestrian accident attorney.

What you would have done if you had been in his place? Would you have contacted a pedestrian accident attorney?

Pause for 1 minute. Think. Think deeply. What are the possible options which come to your mind after thinking for one minute? I know I will get varied answers. Such as-

1. I would lodge a complaint in the police station against the biker. That’s a good idea. You should lodge a complaint against the biker as he was on the wrong road and he hit you. Does that mean, the problem got solved?

2. I would beat him black and blue. I know you are a superman. May be Batman. Maybe a man. I have also provided the condition that your one hand had been broken. Did you forget that? How can you beat him with your one hand broken? Any chance? He might give you a sphere and might run away from the place. Don’t dare that.

3. I would tell him to take me to the hospital and manage all the medical expenses. You have no less than Sherlock’s mind. You are good in your own way. But, just think- if the biker would have no money near him, then? He might apologize and that’s it.

I told you, there are different answers.

First of all, you have to take admission to a hospital and then you have to lodge a complaint in the police station with some proof and then you need to contact a pedestrian accident attorney.

What’s the work of a pedestrian accident attorney?

This is a question, which perhaps came to your mind. What’s the work of a pedestrian accident attorney?
Well, same as every attorney. A pedestrian injury lawyer can help you in many ways like helping you in arranging all the proofs to getting the compensation. Everything.

But, what exactly a pedestrian accident attorney does is- he helps you getting compensation for the injuries caused in the accident due to the negligence of other people.

He will guide you throughout the process.

Why should you contact a pedestrian accident attorney?

Because that is the only best option that you have and nothing else. If you really want to get compensation, then you need to meet a pedestrian accident attorney.

At the same time, without consulting a pedestrian accident attorney, if you will contact the insurance company directly, it will cause problems and it will definitely be a cause of why did not you get the compensation.

Direct consultation with the insurance company means, they will ask you different types of meaningless questions, which you would not be able to answer. Those will confuse you. Because they have trained to do like this- to ask some meaningless questions and escaping from giving compensation.

On the other hand, if you are consulting a pedestrian accident attorney, then he will make sure that everything is going fine. No problem will arise. Because they have the power to file a lawsuit against the insurance company in the case of the insurance company wouldn’t give you the compensation, which will result in a case in a court.

Also, if you contact a pedestrian accident attorney directly, then the insurance company can’t contact you directly. Everything will happen through the third man, that is the pedestrian accident attorney.

What’s a pedestrian accident law firm?

Have you ever heard the term pedestrian accident law firm before? I am sure, most of you out there have known this term. If you don’t know, then I will tell you here.

The pedestrian lawyer or pedestrian attorney, as I have mentioned earlier, are the attorneys who help you in getting you the compensation. Those attorneys have a company, where there would be more than five attorneys there. They would help the persons who need help for getting compensation. Their company is called the firm.

Basically, the firm is a place where they practice their accident laws.

There are many pedestrian accident law firms in the United States of America. You can simply get much information by searching ‘pedestrian accident attorney near me’ on google.

The main thing is to find the best pedestrian accident law firm in your area as there are many out there.

What should you keep in mind while searching for a pedestrian accident attorney?

There are a few things to remember when you search for a pedestrian accident attorney. Below are some points.

1. Experience
2. Success Ratio
3. Rating and Reviews

These three criteria are enough to choose a good pedestrian accident attorney. Let us discuss one by one.

1. Experience:

Why the experience is important? Because an experienced pedestrian accident attorney will know the right things and he knows how to handle a difficult situation. Even if the insurance company throws difficult questions to him, he will be able to give balanced answers. From his past experience, that means, from the past cases that he would have fought previously, would have brought him many good ideas that he can use in the case.

2. Success ratio:

The success ratio of a pedestrian accident attorney matters a lot. Consider a case. A pedestrian accident attorney has worked for 50 cases. And, out of those 50, he has won only 8 of them. His success ratio is only 16%, which is not something you should choose. So, filter out the best pedestrian accident attorney who has a very good success ratio, which is at least 75%.

3. Rating and Reviews:

Reviews are something that can tell you everything about a pedestrian accident attorney. Because, the reviews which would be there, would have written by people themselves. Those people, who had faced accidents in the same way of Brendan. They would have with the pedestrian accident attorney from the beginning to the end of the case. So, they know the attorney better. See the rating. If the rating is over 4.5 out of 5 then, go for that lawyer.

Considering the above parameters, it is difficult to find a pedestrian injury lawyer. But, you have to do that, anyhow.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney NYC

You have to follow the same procedure as above to find a good pedestrian accident attorney in New York. Not only in New York but also in Texas, California, Denver, Acushnet, Detroit, Cincinnati, Chula Vista, Riverside, and other places, in these places you can find pedestrian accident lawyers by following the same instructions that I have mentioned earlier.

There are also some lawyers who don’t provide their services to another locality because they belong to that place and they know everything about the state well. So, it is a wise idea to consult a walking accident attorney, who belong to the area or locality, whatever you call it, where the accident took place.


So, here comes the gist. You love walking. Or, occasionally you walk. And, as luck would have it, you met with an accident, due to which you are seriously injured. You want to do something but you don’t know what to do. Then someone tells you to contact a pedestrian accident attorney. You listened to him carefully and agreed.

The pedestrian accident attorney helped you in getting you the compensation. Now, everything is fine. But, you forget that Brendan. Didn’t you? He is still in the medical. In a few days, he will come to the field to get his compensation. Till then, he can’t go for a morning walk. Fingers crossed.

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