February 19, 2020

18 wheeler truck accident lawyer- Step by step details on how to choose!

18 wheeler truck accident lawyer- Step by step details on how to choose!

18 wheeler truck accident lawyer- Step by step details on how to choose!

What can be the greatest gift for the employed people, who work five days a week in their office, other than a holiday? Nothing! The holidays are in love. People plan a lot. They plan different things like- on holidays or on vacation where to go, how to go, with whom to go and other things. Isn’t it?

There are some people who book their cab, hotel and other things before actually reaching their vacation spot. Are you one of them? That’s a very good idea to book everything beforehand.

Everything is fine. You are going to spend your holiday in Bali, Indonesia. You have already planned everything. But, your bad luck, while commuting to the airport you met with an accident.

Let me tell you the story of Austin who is a data scientist who works in an MNC in Florida, who, while traveling he met with an accident with an 18 wheeler truck. So, he is searching for an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer in his area. I will tell you the whole story like why he is searching for the best 18 wheeler accident lawyers and all. But, listen to the story first and observe what actually happened with Austin.

Austin works six days a week. As a senior data scientist, he has a lot of works to do. He helps the interns. He looks after the works of the junior data scientists. In addition to that, he has to update everything in his office. The company manager in his branch is a little more happy as he is very good at his work and he brings a lot of success, fame, and profit to their company.

Austin is always passionate about his work. He actually enjoys what he is doing and in the process, he forgets that he too has a family. Not that his wife is not cordial. His wife is also very good. As both the husband and wife are workaholic, they can’t spend much time with their children.

So, one day they decided to take some days off from their respective offices and to visit Bali, Indonesia along with their children, which would be much fun and memorable. They booked flight tickets. Booked the tickets of the hotel beforehand. Everything is booked. The next day, they have to reach the airport at 8 am. All are happy. Especially those kids!

The next day, all woke up and got ready quickly. Called a cab which would drop them at the airport. All is going smoothly. So smoothly. While commuting to the airport, somewhere on the way, they met with an accident. An 18 wheeler truck collided the cab. While the truck collided, the cab jerked towards the back. Apart from the car damage, thankfully, there were no severe lives damages. Though all of them were injured. Especially, the driver who was driving the car was very much injured.

Austin had to call off his plan. Being that much injured, he had no more interest in taking his trip forward. The car driver had to bear such a large loss. As Austin was quite educated, he consoled the driver not to worry too much about the car damage as he knew something about ‘18 wheeler truck accident lawyer‘ in the United States of America through which he can get compensation. The cab driver was a little relieved.

An accident with an 18 wheeler truck- why does it happen- Reasons?

An accident is terrific and devastating, whoever the accident happened with, be it a truck, bus, train or even with a motorcycle.

But when it comes to the accident with an 18 wheeler truck, can you think of the consequences?

A giant 18 wheeler truck will collide you and within a second there would be nothing other than broken pieces of the vehicle and a few dead bodies.

That’s really devastating.

Reasons behind the accidents with 18 wheeler trucks

1. When the truck is loaded with more material than it can capable of carrying. It can be one of the reasons. There are also numerous cases that we find in newspapers that overloading too many materials on a truck might create some troubles in the part of the driver while driving the truck. And, too much of the trouble can certainly cause an accident.

2. Bad road conditions. Yes, it is one of the points among why the 18 wheeler trucks are often faced with accidents? An 18 wheeler truck is way too long than a general truck having 4 wheels or 6 wheels. Can you imagine how much it has to bend while passing on a curvy road? A curvy road will cause an accident for an 18 wheeler truck.

3. Negligence in the care of the truck. Servicing is important. What happens, people buy the truck and left it as it is for 10-12 months, which is not recommendable. During these 10-12 months, what happens to the truck internally, no one looks after that. So, the car needs to be checked weekly. If there are any damaged parts, one should replace them.

4. Drunk while driving. This type of case is quite common in India. Men need enjoyment, be it in the form of music, dance, food or anything. And, when a man drinks, he can’t know what is happening with the world. In the case of over-drinking, don’t ask me anything. They would be not able to walk properly. And, when you give them the key to the truck, it is obvious that they will make accidents.

5. Using the mobile while driving. Who doesn’t love mobiles? And, who else can live without using mobile? We generally use smartphones often and keep ourselves busy surfing the web, listening to music, watching youtube videos and others, and talking to our favorite persons. But, what if an 18 wheeler truck driver drives his truck while talking to a person over the phone and keeping one hand on starring and using one hand to hold the mobile? Think just one second? Accident? Yes! Rest in peace.

Can you tell me about the driver who was driving the 18 wheeler truck and collided with Austin’s cab?

Who is an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer?

The person who has in-depth knowledge about law and regulations, and who practices law is called the lawyer. And, in the same way, a person who knows about much more law and regulations about the process post an accident with an 18 wheeler truck is called 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer. Please don’t confuse. They are not named as 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer. I just tried to simplify it for you. There is no term called 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer, 18 wheeler injury lawyer, 18 wheeler accident lawyer, 18 wheeler lawyer and etc.

What is the work of an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer?

Same as the work of a car injury lawyer in a car injury law firm. In an 18 wheeler truck accident law firm, there will be many experienced 18 wheeler truck accident lawyers. What they will you do is- at first, they will consult with you. Then they will collect all the information’s regarding the accident.

After that, they will send a notice to the insurance company claiming the compensation. That is not an easy process. A long process it is.

After knowing every detail of the incident, the 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer will work to get the settlement which you deserve.

18 wheeler truck accident lawyer- Step by step details on how to choose!

Why should you contact an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer?

First thing first, you have not bound to contact an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer first. That is your choice and your decision. But, let me tell you all the benefits you will get if you contact an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer after an accident.

As you have recently met with an accident and want to get compensated or you want to get some compensation, what will you do? You will go to an insurance company. Then you will write an application citing how you faced an accident and then taken to hospital. You will tell them that you are not at fault. It was because of the negligence of the other dumb driver, due to whom the accident. So, he is a hundred percent responsible and you are a victim.

But, what the insurance company will do is they will not accept what you would say. They will ask you for many proofs. After that, they will tell you that you are not deserved to get the compensation that you are claiming for. So, they will try to manipulate you. They will act as they would give you nothing.

Afterward, if you would have some proofs along with you, then they will definitely give you a quote for repairing your motorbike and that’s it. No other option will be available to you. Hence, you will not get the compensation, which you have once wished for.

On the other hand, if you contact an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer, he will definitely sail through this problem. Because he would have much more knowledge than the general people like you, me and us. They are very much experienced in their field as they would have fought many cases and would have solved many cases like this.

You just need to tell all the tiny details to them and that will give him a clearcut idea for how to get the compensation for your motorbike accident.

Hold on. This is not over. There is also a special power that an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer possesses and you do not. That is, he can lodge a lawsuit. Yes, if the insurance company will not give you all the claims, he can charge a lawsuit against the insurance company, which will be resulted will be in a case in court.

So, no insurance company would like to go to court for some dollars. Just go near an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer and tell them every detail and you are ready and on the way to get the whole compensation.
How to find the best 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer?

It may sound easy that we can find an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer easily. Isn’t it? But, it is really challenging to find a very good 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer or 18 wheeler injury lawyer. Why? Because there are many and just by seeing the picture of a person in jpg format you can’t tell that whether he will make you get the settlement or not.

After the accident, some people search for 18 wheeler wreck lawyers or 18 wheeler accident attorneys or 18 wheeler accident lawyers, which is the same thing. The process is the same. The way to find them is different.
The best idea is to find it on google asking ‘18 wheeler truck accident lawyer near me. You will get plenty of results.

Things to consider while choosing your 18 wheeler lawyer.

1. After getting the results in google, visit all the sites on the first page and never go to the second page until and unless you are not satisfied with the results on the first page. Even if it is an advertisement for a law firm, go to the site, check out everything.

2. Don’t be in love with the decoration of their homepage. You don’t need a beautiful site. You only need an experienced 18 wheeler attorney who can help you getting settlements.

3. As I have said earlier, find the attorneys in your city only. Suppose you need truck accident lawyers in Houston, then don’t go for the result of truck accident lawyers in texas or GA. Got it?

4. See how much expertise they have. In the end, it matters. The experience matters. Ask them if they have faced similar cases in the past. Ask them about their previous records. Listen carefully to what they say.

5. Fix the timing for consultation. And, go to them and meet, tell everything what happened and what you need in detail.

You are done. The 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer will do all the necessary things.


While you met with an accident with an 18 wheeler truck, post the accident, if you are alive, the first work you should do is to consult the best 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer in your locality. He will help you in the process and help you in getting the settlements through which you can recover your losses. Now, Austin has decided that he would never go to any places to visit. The office is the first priority. Data Science is love for him. Now, he does not care about the children. Wait. Austin and the injured cab driver will now visit an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer. After their returning, I will again tell you what happened after what. Till then take care of your children.

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